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Swedish indie-rock juniors Great Park Avenue deliver a powerful explosion of sound, a colourful eruption like the creation of a new universe, reminiscent of the post-punk Britpop glory days. Classic themes such as love, hate and an adolescence on the dull are sucked into the centrifuge, spat out on the floor and scraped together for you to mold. Their debut showcasings 'Blue World', 'The Rain' and 'Au Revoir', are out now.

With their sparse instrumentation, Great Park Avenue create a colorful shimmering soundscape. Everything is executed with utmost, sharpest and imaginative precision with dynamics held back to what can only be described as a roaring whisper. Great Park Avenue produces crisp tones delivered from galaxies of sound.

It all really started for Great Park Avenue in an old warehouse behind the doors of an old lady's bathroom which they demolished and built their own studio trying to soundproof the tile walls by hanging every rug they could find; it was by that time they got serious about writing and exploring all the ideas they had.

Initially setting their sights on breathing a new life into the Swedish indie-rock scene, Great Park Avenue embarked on their first gig in London where they received an overwhelming response, quickly realising that the London music scene was their home. Great Park Avenue look forward to playing a part in rebuilding and expanding the Revival of Post Punk after its glory days in the early 2000s.

Now in 2020, Great Park Avenue have gone full circle honing their sound through Winter, Spring, Summer and now Autumn, and plan to release three singles together with an EP in the fall of 2020 followed by an already written album in 2021, with the intention to be able to take their music to the live stage. To Great Park Avenue, music is made to be heard live, a place where the band are free to express, and where art meets audience in real time.


Blue World, The Rain and Au Revoir, the debut singles out now.
Stay tuned for news on further releases and potential tour dates coming soon.




Introducing our debut single 'Blue World', a colourful explosion of post-punk glory.
Launched on August 28th as the first of three brand new singles, Blue World is an eruption of sound, a shimmering soundscape reminiscent of the Brit-pop glory days, representing a melancholic lyrical journey through modern-society adolescence, complete with both its expectations, and its shortcomings.

"It’s about a girl who got herself into some shady stuff a while back. She always talked about how the future is already planned out for you, that no matter what you do you can’t change it, you’ll just have to go with it and see what happens. It’s also about a boy who feels like he can’t find the right words to properly express what he feels. Life’s either too short or too long for him, but time is relative so he will never find out which one it is. He hides, expressing himself through literature and music."

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The Rain has arrived! The only colourful forecast on your agenda. Streaming now on all outlets.

In short it's a love song. With the lyrics I just tried to vaguely describe the feelings and uncertainties within a relationship. I try not to describe anything too closely, I mention both John Wayne and Bruce Lee who are two very powerful and influential human beings who can either help you fight through a rough period and make you recover from it, or make things seem even more hopeless, setting a perfect example of how things should be.
But other than that I try to leave things quite open for interpretation, I often think that you can get a bit too close to the artist, you want the story to be your own, not some guy’s who you’ve never even met.
It has a slow start but comes to life more and more the longer you spend time with it and listen, which to many people is exactly how a long lasting relationship is supposed to start.
But more often it starts the other way around, same with songs.

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How We Recorded Au Revoir
Au Revoir was recorded in a small countryhouse a bit north from Stockholm near a neat little fishing village. The drums in the livingroom, guitar and bass in the kitchen and vocals out on the porch. We spent a week there trying to get work done with some success. It can be hard to stay focused when you are right by the open sea with great chunks of time on your hands and a freezer full of gin. But it's nice to work that way, far away from everything. The bizzy city can be too tempting sometimes, out in the woods you can have thoughts and ideas that spans over several days, great things can come from that I think. In the car on the way up we had a bit of a inconvinience where the poor packing of all of our equipment, mainly regarding our mic stands which we unthoughtfully placed at the bottom of everything, resulted in that several of them broke. We had to improvise when we finally arrived at the house, the guitars needed two mic stands and the vocals one, which left us with one lonely stand for the drums. So when it was recording time we buildt a small tower made out of a chessboard and a family boardgame that we taped the kick-mic to and used the one mic stand for the snare. For parts of the song we only used these two mics for the drums so that helped with the mic-stand-situation but for some of it we needed more. So, as for the overhead we actually taped the mic-cord to the ceiling, letting the condenser mic hang down over the cymbals, floating in the air above Zach’s head like one of his odd little daydreams. This ended with it falling down on the drumset in the middle of the night scaring the shit out of us.

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"Swedish band Great Park Avenue are coming in strong! Britpop and post-punk meet in an adrenaline-fueled track heavily grounded in the London music scene." - Envertent.com

"It’s in a concrete jungle of jangling guitars that the Swedish britpoppers, Great Park Avenue, find their home" - ChalkPitRecords.com


”I’m just saying that if Mambo (now Great Park Avenue) keeps it up they could find themselves playing innebandy (floor ball) on a team with fellow Swedes Max Martin /../ It will be interesting to see how their melodies and independent energy progresses.” - Buzz-music.com




Allsop Arms, LONDON: 17/11 2018


Twang, STOCKHOLM: 18/1 2019
Bistro Gustavsberg, STOCKHOLM: 16/2 2019
Engelen, STOCKHOLM: 6/4 2019
C.A.P.S. KARLSTAD: 28/4 2019
Big Ben, STOCKHOLM: 8/5 2019
The Monarch, CAMDEN: 11/5 2019
Stable, GUSTAVSBERG: 20/7 2019
Five Festival, STOCKHOLM: 5/8 2019
Royal Institute of Technology, STOCKHOLM: 25/8 2019
Kolmården, NORRKÖPING: 4/10 2019
Warehouse (Show we put on ourselves for locals and friends at our studio), STOCKHOLM: 12/10 2019
Big Ben, STOCKHOLM: 20/11 2019


Bridge 77, STOCKHOLM: 15/2 2020
Noels, STOCKHOLM 22/2 2020